How to Use Temporary Mail

How to Use Temporary Mail
Published in : 19 Jun 2022

How to Use Temporary Mail

Temporary-Email is the best alternative to junk mail and advertising mailings. Get unlimited access to disposable e-mail addresses that can be customized or generated automatically. Keep your mailbox secure and clean.

Temporary email provides temporary, anonymous, disposable, secure and anonymous email addresses. Because you have given your email address to an incorrect site, you are tired of getting spam every day.

This is why temporary email is the best solution. You can use our disposable email addresses whenever asked. It's anonymous, secure, and free.

This service is also known by the name Temp Mail, or fake email address. This is a tool you would use in your everyday life. If your privacy is important to you, our Temp Mail technology protects against phishing.

It can be used to receive limited-time email offers like eBook downloads or coupons.

Temporary email means that you don't have to clean out your mailbox. It will remain clean.

You can create unlimited temporary emails whenever you need them, without the need to sign up or give any personal information.


Why use Temporary Email?

Do not flood your email with junk mail.

Register on unknown sites anonymously

You can instantly get unlimited email addresses without having to fill in any information.

To get a professional email, you can personalize emails with your company name or name.

Multiple accounts can be created on any website.


By simply deleting your old email address, you can renew it for an unlimited amount of time. Or, create a new one.


We are here to help:

We respect your privacy.

For privacy protection

Multi Monthly Update/Addition

Automatedly receive random email from a new address